The Junior Language Challenge

The Junior Language Challenge is the UK’s only language challenge for primary schools, inspiring a love of languages at a young age and encouraging children to become independent learners, while raising money for charity onebillion.

We will be opening the doors for the 2016 challenge soon, but in the meantime, to find out more email or join our mailing list.


Why join the JLC?

  • It makes languages fun!
  • It introduces children to new, exciting languages
  • Children can learn on their own, without needing to bug their parents or teachers!
  • It raises money for charity
  • There are some great prizes on offer!

"I’m very proud. All the hard work has paid off! My favourite language this time was Mandarin, because I enjoyed the way it related to other languages I’d learnt before"
Tudor Mendel-Idowu, 3-time finalist and JLC Champion 2015

"So many of my pupils have benefitted in so many ways from this wonderful competition; not only do they get the chance to try lots of different languages, but also it opens windows onto the world, helping to turn them into good global citizens."
Jackie Gliniecka, The Hawthorns School, Bletchingley

Where the money goes

All entrance fees from the JLC are donated to onebillion, a non-profit company set up to reach children in developing countries, where lack of resources makes a good education hard to obtain. In Malawi, they have already established two oneclass learning centres, providing their apps in the local language, on tablets powered by solar power.

To find out more about onebillion and the apps they make for individuals and schools here in the UK, please visit their website.